Press z to fire, go to the next level
Use arrow keys to move

This game is inspired by classic coin-op games such as Pang - Bubble Trouble and Bubble Bobble.

Shoot darts at the balloons to break them into smaller balloons. Clear the levels by destroying all balloons! Get powerups, avoid enemies and traps, transport through magic doors, break obstacles and use smart moves to defeat the hardest levels.

The game includes:

-60 levels of balloon breaking action
-Three distinct Worlds: The Green Hills, Spooky Land and The Pyramids
-Infinite mode: test your skills against infinite waves of balloons. How long can yo ulast?

Tip: By default a maximum of 2 darts can be present on screen at the same time; however, by shooting darts at the bees/bats/eagles you have a chance to get better abilities! Click on "how to play" for more tips.

You may also play on the go by downloading Super Balloon Breaker for Android (see Google Play link below).

If you have any comments,ideas or questions you may contact me at softskycreations [at] or leave a comment below.

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